C# Editors and IDEs & Your First Program

Before starting your first C# application, you should take a look at the C# editors available for creating applications. Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is currently the best tool for developing C# applications. Installing VS .NET also installs the C# command-line compiler that comes with the .NET Software Development Kit (SDK).
If you don’t have VS.NET, you can install the C# command-line compiler by installing the .NET SDK. After installing the .NET SDK, you can use any C# editor. Visual Studio 2005 Express is a lighter version of Visual Studio that is free to download. You can also download Visual C# 2005 Express version for free. To download these Express versions, go to MSDN website, select Downloads tab, and then select Visual
Studio related link.
Tip: There are many C# editors available- some are even free. Many of the editors that use the C# command-line compiler are provided with the .NET SDK. LEARN MORE>>>>>

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