C# Components

Namespace and Assemblies

The first line of the “Hello, C# World!” program was this:

using System;

This line adds a reference to the System namespace to the program. After adding a reference to a namespace, you can access any member of the namespace. As mentioned, in .NET library references documentation, each class belongs to a namespace. But what exactly is a namespace?

To define .NET classes in a category so they’d be easy to recognize, Microsoft used the C++ class-packaging concept know as namespaces. A namespace is simply a grouping of related classes. The root of all namespaces is the System namespace. If you see namespaces in the .NET library, each class is defined in a group of similar category. For example, The System.Data namespace only possesses data-related classes, and System.Multithreading contains only multithreading classes. LEARN MORE>>>

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