Learn UNIX

If you’re just beginning to work on a Unix system, the abundance of commands might prove daunting. To help orient you, the following lists present a small sampling of commands on various topics.
Communication                                                                              File Management
ftp : File transfer protocol.                                                cat: Concatenate files or display them.
login : Sign on to Unix.                                                     cd : Change directory.
mailx : Read or send mail.                                                chmod : Change access modes on files.
rlogin : Sign on to remote Unix.                                        cp : Copy files.
talk : Write to other terminals.                                          csplit : Break files at specific locations.
telnet : Connect to another system.                                   file : Deter mine a file’s type.
vacation : Respond to mail automatically

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  • Hosting Your Website
  • Hosting Your Website

    Once you have finished creating all the webpages, you must host it onto a webserver. A webserver is a computer that can be accessed by the entire world and it is always connected to the World Wide Web. It contains several websites created by different persons. In order to make website public, you must register it. Once it is registered, that website address becomes unique only to your website and anyone who types the URL in their browser will be directed to your webpages.
    The second step is to gain some space in a webserver. There are several webservers that hire out space for a small charge and give you a user name and password to access that space and put your webpages. Once that is done, you are now ready top host your webpages.  LEARN MORE>>

    Image Mapping

    There is also a method of hyperlinking various parts of a single image to various webpages. This is done by image mapping. In image mapping, we can define a part of the image and create a hyperlink to it.
    The first step is to create the image map and link it. Then we insert the image and refer to the image map that was created in the first step.
    To create an image map, we use the MAP tag and give it a name to the image map.