C programming examples

These programs illustrate various programming elements, concepts such as using operators, loops, functions, single and double dimensional arrays, performing operations on strings, files, pointers etc. 
Browse the code from simple c program to complicated ones you are looking for, every one of them is provided with output. 
C program download with executable files, so that you save on your computer and run programs without compiling the source code. All programs are made using c programming language and Codeblocks, most of these will work under Dev C++ compiler also. 
The first program prints "Hello World" on screen.

  1. Hello World
  2. Print Integer
  3. Addition
  4. Odd or Even
  5. Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide 
  6. Leap year
  7. Factorial
  8. HCF and LCM
  9. Add n numbers
  10. Swapping
  11. Reverse number
  12. Palindrome number
  13. Print Pattern
  14. Prime numbers
  15. Find Armstrong number
  16. Fibonacci series

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