What is M-Commerce

 Mobile Commerce is also known as M-Commerce.
  • It refers to buying and selling of goods or services through the use of Internet enabled wireless devices such as a Mobile phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs), Smartphones, Tablet, Palmtop or any other mobile device.
  • M-commerce provides the user with the advantage of flexibility and ubiquity.
  • By using the mobile phone, consumers can conduct business transactions without being fixed at a computer terminal or being physically present at the shop.
  •  These devices are carried by the user wherever he/she goes, making it possible to access the Internet from any place.
  • It allows real time transactions while on the move.
  •  As the popularity of smart phone’s and tablets is increasing day by day, more usres are moving towards the use of M-commerce.
  • Some of the examples of M-commerce are:

·         Purchasing airline tickets.
·         Purchasing movie tickets
·         Restaurant booking and reservation
·         Hotel booking and reservation
·         Stock market analysis
  • Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly using M-commerce to retain their business.
  • They allow their customers to access account balance, stock quotes, make transactions via mobile phones. This service is known as Mobile Banking or M-Banking.
  •  The stock market services offered via mobile devices is also becoming popular and known as Mobile Brokerage.
  •  News information, sports, entertainment, shopping and reservation areas have also grown with the demand for mobile related services.

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