Protecting Intellectual Property

Several new and improved methods are continually being developed to protect the intellectual property. Some of them are discussed below:


  • Steganography is the process of hiding information within other information.
  • The information in the files if not protected can be used for any malicious purpose. 
  • It works by replacing unused data in computer files such as images, sound or texct with invisible information.
  • This hidden information can be plain text, cipher text, or even images.
  • Special software is needed for steganography, and there are freeware versions available on Internet which can be easily downloaded.

Digital Watermarking

  • The watermark is a digital code inserted into a digital image, audio or video file which can identify the file’s copyright information.
  • It also allows hiding information in a totally invisible manner.
  • Earlier artists used to creatively sign their paintings with a brush to claim copyright.
  • But in the digital world, artists can watermark their work by hiding their name within the image.
  • Hence, the invisible embedded watermark helps to identify the owner of the work.
  • This concept is also applicable to other media such as digital video and audio.
  • Currently the unauthorized distribution of digital audio over the Internet in the MP3 format is a big problem.
  • In this case, digital watermarking may be useful to set up controlled audio distribution and to provide efficient means of copyright protection.
  • In the field of data security, watermarks can be used for certification and authentication.
  • For example, the photo identity card of a person can be protected by an identity number “123456” written on the card and hidden as a digital watermark in the identity photo.
  • So manipulating or changing the identity photo can be detected easily.
  • Digital watermarking can also link information on the documents.
  • For example, the name of a passport owner is normally printed in clear text.
  • But using digital watermark, the name can also be hidden in the passport photo.
  • If anyone tries to tamper with the passport by replacing the photo it would be possible to detect the change by scanning the passport and verifying the name hidden in the photo.
  • A visible digital watermark can be added to any image using photo editor tools like GIMP.
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