Applications of M-commerce

Mobile Marketing and Advertising
Companies, today, are using M-commerce to expand their services from marketing to 
advertisement. Mobile advertising is one of the most popular ways for companies to reach a large 
audience. Advertising on Internet has become a major source of revenue for most of the 
portals. Many retailers are offering location based mobile advertising in order to target consumers 
and increase their sales.
An advertisement placed on the mobile device of the user can thus be made on personal 
requirements and location-specific.
 It can update the users about the various discounts and schemes available in the nearby areas of 
the current location of the user.
Mobile Ticketing
 Users can easily buy tickets for air or rail travels, movies etc. 
The tickets can be sent to the user’s mobile devices. 
 Users can further show these tickets on their mobile devices at the respective place. 
Tickets can also be easily cancelled on the mobile phones using the application or accessing the 
portals of travel agents. 
This helps in reducing the traffic and the parking problems which are increasing day-by-day as the 
user need not travel to the place for buying tickets. 
Mobile Auctions 
The auction sites are becoming more popular these days. 
Mobile devices further help in increasing the reach of these auction sites. 
A user while on the move can access these sites, make a bid, monitor bids and take a timely action 
on the bidding process. 
Many of the auction sites have built gateways and interfaces to provide access to mobile devices 
through wireless networks. 
Mobile Entertainment 
Mobile devices are used extensively for listening to audio, viewing video and playing games. 
The mobile users can subscribe to entertainment libraries where they can search for songs, videos 
or games and easily downloaded them in their device for playing later. 
Entertainment services such as pay-per-download, pay-per-event or on subscription basis can 
cater to a large number of mobile users and are willing to pay for the services.
Mobile Purchase 
Mobile purchase allow customers to shop online anytime anywhere. 
Customers can browse and order products while using a secure payment method. 
Instead of using paper catalogue, retailer can send a list of products that a customer would be 
interested in, directly to their mobile device. 
Alternatively, the consumers can also visit a mobile version of a retailer’s E-commerce site.

Mobile Financial Services 
Today, many popular banks and financial institutions use M-commerce. 
They allow their customers to access account information; perform transactions like stock purchase, remit money, via mobile phones and other mobile equipment's. 
Mobile Information Services 
A wide variety of information services can be delivered to mobile phone users in much the same way as 
it is delivered to personal computers. The services include:
§  News service
§  Stock market data
§  Sports news
§  Financial records
§  Traffic records

§  Traffic information

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