Windows 8 - A Single Platform

Microsoft’s new Operating System is aimed at working across all the three device platforms most people across the world use today—mobile phones, tablets and computers. Visually and functionally, Microsoft’s new offering will be a departure from what it has so far provided in computing.
Microsoft’s thinking is inspired by an obvious fact: in the age of Internet-driven mobility and cloud computing.
Windows 8 sports a new tile-based user interface, which works well on touch surfaces (tablets and touch-screen phones) and should integrate well on computers. “Microsoft has put a common kernel (in Windows 8) that will be part of the PC, tablet and phone.
Windows’ earlier software language wasn’t compatible with the others—only 10 per cent of applications developed for Apple and Android were available for Windows. The new version is written in a language similar to what both Apple and Google use. This will open up an entire universe of applications for Windows users.

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