Computer Overviiew

The word 'compute' comes from the word 'compute' which means to calculate. So, a computer is normally considered to be calculating device that can speedily perform arithmetic and logical operations.
the original objective for inventing a computer was to create a fast calculating machine, through a major part of work done by computers nowafays is non-mathematical. Therefore, defining a computer assembly only as a calculatinng device is not justified.
The computer is an electronic device designed to accept and store input data, manipulate it and output results under the direction of detailed, step-by-step stored programs and instructions.

It denotes raw facts and figures such as numbers, words, amount, quantity, that can be processed, manipulated or produced by the computer. for example: Rita, 18, XI B. This is raw data.

It is a meaningful and arranged form of data. Raw data does not make any sense on its own. So, it has to be arranged in a meaningful manner such that it makes sense. For example, Information that makes sense can be Rita aged 18 is in class XI B.

Hardware andSoftware
A computer consists of two fundamental components. One is called hardware, the other sothe software. Hardware refers to the physical components or blocks, for example, CPU, memory, input and output devices. Software is the package of instructions designed to operate the conserened hardware, for example, MS-DOS, Microsoft Office, etc. In fact, we can divide software into two broad categories:
1) System Software: It runs the basic functioning of a computer system. It consists of operating systems, compilers, translators, etc.
2) Application Software: the basic aim of making and running a computer is to get work done from it. So, programs which are developed in order to serve a particular application are known as application software. For example, Microsoft Office, Tally, etc.

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